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The D'Ambrosios


Cooper and Alyssa first crossed paths at Eastern CT State University. Alyssa's roommate went to high school with Cooper. Alyssa would frequently make comments about how she thought Cooper was cute. A few years later, they exchanged a few messages, but never gave it more time to develop. Fast forward, Cooper and his room mate conveniently moved down the street from Alyssa's childhood home. They reconnected over beers at Kinsmen Brewery and the rest is history!  Cooper and Alyssa enjoy weekend trips, trips to national parks, good beer, and good food. One of Cooper and Alyssa's favorite things to do on the weekend is a fun game night.

Cooper and Alyssa enjoy going to National Parks and finding the closest brewery afterwards. They have been to 10 National Parks together so Far! You will see throughout the wedding tributes to their adventures to both National Parks and National Forests.

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